Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Candy and Ivan-getting ready to go!

Candy and Ivan will be getting ready to go to their new home soon. They are scheduled to be picked up tomorrow. They have had a good week so far at the Hound Hotel, and should transition fairly easily into their new home. They slept through the night Monday night in their crates, and we thought we were in the clear on that one. Not so. Last night Candy decided protesting her crate was worth another shot. It was. We didn't want to spend another night listening to her, so we let her into our room. But of course, as soon as I toke her out of the crate, Ivan started protesting, so he had to come too. After a couple minutes of chaos, they both laid down and slept quietly through the night. We won't try to crate them tonight. They did fine in their crates during the day today. They both have very nice temperments and they get along beautifully with the resident hounds. We have had no problems there. Candy and Ivan are both still a little stubborn on the stairs. They can come down the stairs, but they won't go up. Maybe it is because they know the crates are upstairs and they just don't want to go that way. It will take a little more work to get them proficient on the stairs. In any case, their new owner is getting two terrific greyhounds that will give him many years of enjoyment. We look forward to seeing Candy and Ivan off to their new home tomorrow!

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ykngld said...

Are they in their new forever home? They are both so beauooootiful!

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