Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lonesome Joanie-Adopted!!!!

Lonesome Joanie will never be lonesome again. Today her forever family came and adopted her! Joanie is moving to Baltimore City and is going to partake in all the nightlife and fun things the city has to offer. She is going to have some blue crabs in Fells Point, take a walk around Federal Hill, tour Fort McHenry, and be the happening girl that she is. We couldn't be happier for her. Joanie has been a pleasure to have at our home and we will miss her. If she ever needs a place to rest her paws, we will always leave a light on for her. Happy trails Joanie! We love you and we will miss you. We hope to see you at the annual picnic!


Alaina said...

My best wishes are with her! I can't wait to see her and everyone else at the picnic.

Alaina and AllStar

Anonymous said...


from the greyhound rescue picnic