Saturday, February 23, 2008

Starburst-The new foster dog

After seeing and enjoying GreyFosterMom's blog, we thought we should start our own blog for our foster dogs. We have been fostering dogs for Greyhound Rescue for nearly two years and have four greyhounds of our own. We went to the "top secret greyhound dropoff location" today and picked up our 23rd foster dog today, a beautiful boy named Starburst. He is a big boy, white with brindle patches. He turned four years old this month and is quite an impressive dog. We brought him home this afternoon and introduced him to our hounds in our back yard, as we always do. The introductions went very well and within a few minutes he wanted to come inside. We keep muzzles on all the dogs until we think they are acquainted and getting along well. Today the muzzles came off within an hour. He checked out the house and sniffed everything he could, and is already settling in after only a few hours, which is fantastic. He ate his dinner like a horse and is now snoozing next to me as I type. Sometimes you just know right away that a hound is going to be a really good one, and this is one of them. He is already going up and down the stairs by himself and will be ready for his forever home very soon.

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GreyFosterMom said...

Hi Stowe! This is awesome. Looking forward to watching Starburst's progression!

Michelle (aka "Greyfostermom")