Sunday, February 24, 2008

Starburst-Day Two

Today is day two of fostering Starburst, and our first full day with him. So far he is doing really well. Today is one of those days that make fostering so much fun, and so worthwhile. Today we get to watch Starburst have his first full day of complete freedom in his life. So far he has spent the day learning how to lounge around on a doggie bed, and he spent some time in the yard. We got to watch him run his first laps in the yard a little while ago. I have watched greyhounds run in our yard for nearly ten years, and I never get tired of watching them. When the dogs start running, I drop what I am doing and just watch. The best part about today is that Starburst won't see the inside of a crate. He will be out with us and our hounds all day. We will watch a little TV, play in the yard some more, and just enjoy the day. Yes, it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it! I am happy to report that Starburst has had no accidents in the house and has behaved like a perfect gentleman. We didn't even bother crating him last night. He slept in our bedroom alongside our hounds and did beautifully. We will be sure to enjoy every day with Starburst because I don't think he will last long. Someone is going to win the greyhound lottery when they adopt Starburst. Are you that someone? You can check out Starburst's whole history at .Below is a video of Starburst checking out the yard.

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