Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Natalie is learning the ropes

Natalie has been at the Hound Hotel for 4 days now and has learned a great deal. She has mastered the stairs and knows the daily routine already. She goes straight to her food bowl and eats all her food at mealtime. She likes to play in the yard and hang out on a soft doggie bed with the family in the evenings. Natalie is surprisingly calm for a dog as young as she is. We expect that they will be a little wild at first at that age straight off the track, but she has been very well behaved. That is not to say that she doesn't have any spunk to her, because she does. As she matures and gets more comfortable in her foster home, her personality will continue to come out. She is going to turn out to be a good one. She'll be great for walks and runs at the dog park, and she will be a terrific companion. We can't say for sure if she is cat safe. It is a little tough to determine that with her being so young and new to her situation. She does seem calm enough that with the proper training, she would probably be ok with a cat, but you never really know until the dog is around a real cat. She doesn't bother our parrot, which is a good sign though. If you would like to meet Natalie, please contact Denise Davis.

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