Sunday, December 5, 2010

McBride has arrived!

Our newest foster greyhound, McBride, arrived today. We have spent the afternoon with her and are very impressed with her. She passed her first two foster tests with flying colors...drinking water and eating. Fosters are often stressed and we have to be careful to make sure they are getting water. That has been no problem for McBride. She found the water bowl right away and has been drinking steadily all afternoon. Next is food. New fosters are often too stressed to eat well. Again not a problem for McBride. She ate her dinner like a horse. That says a lot about her. She is a confident, well adjusted greyhound that is acclimating to her new environment very well. She is very friendly and curious and she wants to check everything out. She has already counter surfed a couple of times, as any good greyhound will do! She is a good one and we will post updates as we learn more about her. As for now, I think I will hang out with her as she is sacked out on her doggie bed. If you would like to meet McBride, please contact Denise Davis.

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IHateToast said...

welcome, mcbride!

oh, and in my google reader, i misread this post as "my bride has arrived." i thought--who did mail order?