Sunday, September 12, 2010

SE's Wasp

We don't normally welcome wasps at the Hound Hotel, but this wasp is a little different. SE's Wasp arrived yesterday after a long day of traveling from the track in Florida, and then a short overnight stay at the rescue kennel. We drove to the secret greyhound rendezvous point yesterday and picked her up. She slept the whole way home in the car, which is terrific. Like any dog right off the track, she doesn't know the ropes of residential life, but she is a smart one and she will learn quickly. She is not shy at all, and she wags her tail a mile a minute. We may have to register her tail as a lethal weapon! She seems to be a very playful hound with enough pep in her to keep life around the house interesting. We have had her for less than a day so we can't report too much about her yet. We will continue to post updates as we learn more about her. Wasp did hear that there will be the annual GRI picnic next weekend and she can't wait to go. The picnic will be like her debutante ball! We hope to see everyone there, and maybe Wasp can find her new family there too!

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