Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Greyhound adoption fee- $250.
Cool greyhound collar- $25.
Dog Coat- $50.
Well stocked first aid kit- Priceless!
We have known for a long time that if we are going to have a greyhound, much less three of them and a foster dog at the Hound Hotel, then we had better always have a well stocked first aid kit close at hand. This evening Snoops, Abe, and Quatro were doing some laps around the yard. Just good clean fun for a crew of boys. When they were done I called them in and the three of them came running in the door and into the kitchen. I looked down and saw bloody paw prints on the floor. Foster mom said those familiar words, "whose bleeding?!!" It isn't usually immediately obvious who has the injury. A quick check of everyone's paws soon revealed the source of the blood. Quatro had a small cut on the bottom of his left front paw. It is nothing major, but it is surprising how much blood a greyhound can track around the room from a small cut. We have the drill down pretty well. Foster dad holds the patient to keep him still while foster mom grabs the first aid kit. Snoops sees the first aid kit and makes a beeline for the stairway to escape, figuring we are about to use it on him. For some reason, it is usually him that is the patient, and he doesn't like it one bit. A little styptic powder, antibiotic, and liquid skin did the trick. Then a bandage and a booty to protect it. In a couple of days, Quatro will be good as new and back to his old tricks. No big deal. But it does remind us to check our first aid kit on a regular basis to make sure we have everything that we need to take care of the inevitable nics and cuts that greyhounds get. That is one of the hazards of having dogs that run 40 miles an hour around your yard. If you are considering adopting a greyhound, you would be wise to have your own doggie first aid kit too.


Angela said...

That is a familiar scene for greyhound owners! Buford is usually the patient at our house...in fact, he has a cut paw right now too! Hope Quatro heals quickly :)

gyeong said...

Three greyhounds, plus foster, plus well-stocked first aid kit. Foster daddy holds, foster mommy bandages. It's like looking in the mirror.

Life With Dogs said...

And styptic powder helps! :)