Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quatro wants a home

Quatro has been cooling his jets at the Hound Hotel for several weeks now. He is an extremely well behaved dog and we are having no issues with him. He has even learned not to get on the bed at night, much to our relief! He is fully housetrained and ready for his new home. Quatro is an extremely affectionate hound who loves to be petted all the time. He likes attention and he is pretty insistant on getting it. He is definitely not a shrinking violet at all. He loves running in the yard with our dogs and puts on quite a show. He does need to be placed with another dog so he can have a buddy and he is not cat safe. If you would like to meet Quatro, please contact Denise Davis. Here is a video of Quatro and our dog Abe running in the yard.

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