Friday, October 30, 2009

Carrie-Our little spook

Foster mom and I decided a few years ago that we love greyhounds and we needed to do more to help the cause. So we volunteered to foster greyhounds for Denise and she took us up on the offer. We have fostered 44 greyhounds and have had pretty much every kind of greyhound that there is. We have had big ones, small ones, relaxed ones, jumpy ones, alpha ones, scared ones, timid ones, and everything in between. We like to say that there isn't anything that we wouldn't do for a greyhound. Carrie puts that statement to the test. Carrie is unlike any greyhound we have ever had. We have had very shy, timid, dogs, including one of our own, but we have never had one like Carrie. She is what they call a "spook." She is afraid of people to a degree that we haven't seen before. It is sad because we can tell that beneath the fear is the nicest, friendliest, dog waiting to come out. There is not an ounce of agression in Carrie and all she needs is the confidence to be herself around people. She still will not come up to us, and goes in the other direction if we walk towards her, but we are making progress. With Carrie everything will be baby steps. We will have to be extremely patient with her and let her grow slowly. Tonight we have gated off our kitchen and family room so she can't run away and hide, and are forcing her to be with us and our hounds. It is working well. She has been laying on a doggie bed and I have been sitting next to her petting her for a few hours. It takes a long time to build trust. The weekend is here so we will get to spend the entire time working with her. The progress she has made so far makes us optimistic that she is going to be a great dog, but it will take much more time. She is not ready for adoption yet. She is going to need more rehab time at the Hound Hotel. Once she is ready, she is going to need a special family that loves her as much as we do that is up for the challenge of continuing to work with her. It is a challenge, but one that brings great rewards. Are you up for a challenge? Would you do anything for a greyhound? Think about it.

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gyeong said...

Sounds familiar, we're hovering around the 50 foster mark too. Look forward to hearing about her coming out of her shell.