Saturday, August 22, 2009

See Gina Eat!

We took a video of Gina eating her dinner a few minutes ago. It took a bit longer than 30 seconds, as mentioned in the last post, but not much longer. You can see for yourself how this girl can eat. She may look like a supermodel, but she doesn't eat like one. She eats more like a linebacker. She is also a snugglebunny. She likes to curl up and put her head in your lap and get nice pets. We love Gina. You will too. Call Denise Davis now.


alex said...

Poor Gina- slow down, it's not going anywhere. Does she give herself indigestion?
What a sweet lap dog :-)

gyeong said...

A couple of my guys are hoovers too. They just wanta finish first, so they can check on the others in case someone missed a kibble.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Give that girl a job! Love those chow hounds!


Debbie said...

I adopted Gina's sister, Edna. Edna does the same thing. Then she checks the other dog bowl to see if Otis left anything. It's an amazing thing to watch!