Saturday, April 5, 2008


It has been a busy day at the Hound Hotel. Charger checked out after only one night at the hotel and has gone to his new home. His new family came to meet him this morning and adopted him right away. Hounds like Charger are rare and don't last long at the hotel. His foster family was secretly hoping that nobody would be interested in him for at least a few weeks so we could spend some time with him and play with him, but that didn't happen. Charger has gone to a terrific new home and we wish him only the best. Happy trails Charger!

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Nelson7 said...

We wish Charger (aka Lassen) all the happiness in the world. He is the best Grey ever! He will forever be in our hearts. Thank you to Hound Hotel for an overnight stay and to Grey Rescue for being great.
Nelson Family